Bamboo Sharbat

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  • Bamboo Sharbat is a unique and exotic beverage crafted from the essence of bamboo shoots.
  • This refreshing sharbat offers a distinctive flavor profile, combining earthy notes with a hint of sweetness.
  • Known for its natural cooling properties, Bamboo Sharbat is a rejuvenating choice, particularly in warmer weather.
  • Packed with potential health benefits, it’s a flavorful alternative that adds a touch of novelty to your drink selection.
  • Whether enjoyed on its own or as a creative addition to cocktails, Bamboo Sharbat promises a refreshing and revitalizing experience with every sip.

Kirti Pansari is a renowned expert in traditional Indian herbal remedies and has played a significant role in promoting the use of Bamboo sharbat for its numerous health benefits. Kirti Pansari’s extensive knowledge and advocacy have helped raise awareness about the advantages of incorporating Bamboo sharbat into one’s daily diet. With Kirti Pansari’s insights and expertise, people can make informed choices about harnessing the potential health benefits of Bamboo sharbat.

Benefits of Bamboo Sharbat

  1. Using bamboo sharbat regularly has a lot of health benefits. It provides protection from heart disease, if you consume it regularly.
  2. In Ayurveda, bamboo leaves, flowers, springs, and stems are used to treat various diseases. By feeding bamboo to growing children, they are taller, develop their physical abilities, and their brains grow sharper.
  3. Drinking bamboo Sharbat will cure stomach digestion problems. Aside from this, it also helps to reduce obesity. – It cleanses the blood, reduces cholesterol and controls blood pressure.
  4. It also works for diabetics and people with heart problems.
  5. Sharbat made of bamboo has the ability to kill stomach worms and to enhance a person’s immunity.
  6. The consumption of this sharbat reduces fatigue as well as allergies caused by heavy exercise.


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  1. sumit

    very good result for children’s height growth

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