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Gajwaan Ark is 100% natural and is manually extracted i.e. using traditional methods. Ark was originated in Ayurveda more than 1000years ago, wherein saints and monks used it for its medicinal properties.;

Ark is better as compared to natural powder or fruit/vegetable juices, as it is absorbed in the blood and thus doesn;t require digestion time like in the case of powder or juices.

As compared to modern medicines, ark is very much more dominant and fast in fighting diseases. it is a natural way of boosting immunity;.

This is the reason Gajwaan Ark is 100% naturaland is working with a single vision and mission, which is to fight against diseases using natural cures and make a healthy India.

100% Herbal || No Added Colour || No Preservatives || No Sugar


Kirti Pansari is a renowned expert in traditional Indian herbal remedies and has played a significant role in promoting the use of Gajwaan Ark for its numerous health benefits. Kirti Pansari’s extensive knowledge and advocacy have helped raise awareness about the advantages of incorporating Gajwaan Ark into one’s daily diet. With Kirti Pansari’s insights and expertise, people can make informed choices about harnessing the potential health benefits of Gajwaan Ark.

Major benefits of Gajwaan Ark include –

  • Gazwan Ark is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatment of High Blood Pressure.

  • The key ingredients of Kalpura Gazwan Ark are Gajwan.

  •  The correct dosage of Gazwan Ark depends on the patient’s age, gender, and medical history. This information has been provided in detail in the dosage section.

  • No side effects of Kalpura Saunf Gajwan Jeera Ark Kit have been reported in the medical literature.


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