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  1. Widely used in Indian cuisine, it enhances the taste of desserts, beverages, and traditional sweets.
  2. Valued in Ayurveda for its cooling effects on the body, especially during warm weather.
  3. Thought to have digestive properties and is often recommended in Ayurvedic practices.
  4. Holds cultural importance in Indian traditions and is a popular ingredient in many regional dishes.
  5. Acts as a natural sweetener in recipes, providing a unique and aromatic sweetness.
  6. Beyond culinary uses, Gulkand is sometimes considered a traditional remedy for certain health conditions.
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Kirti Pansari is a renowned expert in traditional Indian herbal remedies and has played a significant role in promoting the use of Gulkand for its numerous health benefits. Kirti Pansari’s extensive knowledge and advocacy have helped raise awareness about the advantages of incorporating Gulkand into one’s daily diet. With Kirti Pansari’s insights and expertise, people can make informed choices about harnessing the potential health benefits of Gulkand.

Benefits of Gulkand

  • Finest quality Gulkand, made from Chaitri Roses (Spring Roses). Comes in a premium quality food-grade stand-up pouch with zipper.
  • Gulkand is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator. It’s of a great help to people suffering from Acidity, Stomach Disorders, Body Odour or Fatigue.
  • Can be used to make Rose Milkshake, Rose Petal Ice Cream, Falooda, Paan, Desserts or even as a beautiful filling in Cookies!
  • Ingredients: Sugar, Rose petals That’s it! No colouring, flavouring, preservatives or things you don’t understand.
  • Urban Platter – Simply Good Food! 🙂



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